This wiki is a place for graduate students and faculty in the Medical Anthropology Lab at UF to share information and resources. Please register and contribute.


This wiki is meant as a place for graduate students, faculty, and postdocs in the Medical Anthropology Lab at the University of Florida to share information and resources.

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Med Anthro Lab

The Medical Anthropology Lab is located in Turlington Hall, Room B103. We're in the basement on the north side of the building, just behind the stairwell and next door to the Ancient DNA lab. The phone is (352) 392-2253 x247.

Lab Members


Postdoctoral Associates

Graduate Students

The list below includes graduate students with primary interests in medical anthropology. Let us know if you belong on this list.

  • Yasemin Akdas
  • Caitlin Baird
  • June Carrington
  • Meredith Marten
  • Douglas Monroe
  • Brittany Osbourne
  • Brian Tyler
  • Dawit Woldu