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ANG 6737 Knowledge Base

This section of the wiki will be built by participants in the seminar on medical anthropology (ANG 6737), beginning in fall 2009. A wiki is a collaborative web space that can be edited by many users. The most famous wiki isWikipedia. You can think of this wiki as a mini-Wikipedia just for ANG 6737.

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See the main course website for the syllabus, schedule, and course blog.

Course Outline

  • Week 1: Introduction and overview
  • Week 2: Ecology, adaptation, and evolution
  • Week 3: Culture, political economy, and health
  • Week 4: Health transitions
  • Week 5: Nutrition, growth, and child health
  • Week 6: Reproductive health
  • Week 7: Social suffering and everyday violence
  • Week 8: Infections and inequalities, I
  • Week 9: Infections and inequalities, II
  • Week 10: Social inequalities, stress, and disease
  • Week 11: Embodiment
  • Week 12: Meaning, mind, and body
  • Week 13: No class—Thanksgiving
  • Week 14: Anthropology and public health, I
  • Week 15: Anthropology and public health, II

Seminar Moderator Schedule

Last updated Sunday; November 15, 2009; 3:44 PM