Video Tutorials: Working with MAXQDA

This series of video tutorials demonstrates how to manage and analyze qualitative data using MAXQDA software. MAXQDA is the software Amber Wutich and I use in our NSF-funded Short Course on Systematic Methods for Analyzing Text. The first four of 10 planned tutorials are now available.

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I welcome your feedback and suggestions on the video tutorials. Please feel free to leave your comments or questions on the page for each tutorial.

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  • Getting Started with MAXQDA

    Episode 1: Getting Started with MAXQDA

    This episode is a basic introduction to the interface of MAXQDA 2007. Please note that the tutorial does not cover updates to the interface introduced in the latest version of the software, MAXQDA 10.

  • Importing, Editing, and Managing Text

    Episode 2: Importing, Editing, and Managing Text

    This episode focuses on the first steps in setting up your project by importing, creating, editing, and organizing texts in MAXQDA. Please note that this tutorial was developed for MAXQDA 2007. The latest version, MAXQDA 10, adds the ability to import file types other than rich text.

  • Attributes

    Episode 3: Attributes

    This episode focuses on how to include information about the attributes of your data sources in MAXQDA. It discusses techniques for creating, exporting, and importing attributes. It also shows you how to use attributes to activate the documents you want to work with and to create sets for purposes of comparison.

  • Coding Basics

    Episode 4: Coding Basics

    This screencast tutorial introduces the basic tools for coding qualitative data in MAXQDA 10 software. It discusses several techniques for creating new codes, applying codes to text, and working with the coding stripe in the Document Browser.

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