Franz Boas’s Immigrant Data

Boas’s data set is available either as a formatted SPSS file (.sav format) or as a comma-delimited ASCII file (.txt). We also provide codebooks in .pdf format (requires free Acrobat Reader).

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To download the files in Windows, right-click on the links below and choose "Save Target As…" (in Internet Explorer) or "Save Link As…" (in Firefox). In Macintosh, right-click or control-click on each link and choose "Save this Link As…" Select a location on your computer to save the files. Send comments or questions to

Boas Master

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This data set is formatted to match Boas’s original. Each individual is assigned to a unique case
SPSS file (1.5MB)Comma-delimited text (980KB)Codebook

Boas Family

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This data set facilitates parent-offspring comparisons. Second-generation immigrants are assigned to cases, with data for each descendant’s mother and father assigned as variables.
SPSS file (1.5MB)Comma-delimited text (980KB)Codebook

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