Prospective Graduate Students

I am available to advise excellent PhD students in anthropology. I am especially interested in students research whose interests overlap my own, but I welcome inquiries from highly motivated students with other interests who seek solid training in research methods and design—qualitative and quantitative alike.

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My priority as a graduate mentor is to cultivate your development as an independent scholar. I emphasize the importance of acquiring concrete skills in methods and theory, so that you are prepared to tackle diverse research questions throughout your career. I also emphasize the importance of training in the profession—not just the field of inquiry—by creating opportunities for students to publish their work, to participate in conferences, and to foster relationships with colleagues.

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If you are interested in earning a PhD under my supervision, please feel free to contact me. Please send a current CV and a statement of your current research interests and career goals.

Funding Information

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I am currently able to support one graduate student through a grant from the National Science Foundation (Christopher McCarty, co-PI). The grant focuses on how racism and other social stressors impact the health of African Americans in Tallahassee, FL. Students interested in this area of research are invited to contact me.

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The Department of Anthropology at the University of Florida has a limited number of graduate assistantships each year. It also offers one minority fellowship, the Zora Neale Hurston, and can nominate qualified students for competitive university-level fellowships. For more information, see the department’s page on graduate financial aid.

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Students interested in pursuing a PhD with me should also apply for competitive national awards such as the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. You may apply for the NSF-GRF before enrolling in graduate school or in your first year of graduate study. Earlier is better. The University of Florida also offers several competitive university-wide fellowships.

Graduate Studies at the Unversity of Florida

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Interested students should consult departmental and university-wide information for graduate students. In particular, I encourage students to learn more about training in medical anthropology at UF.

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